Why Choose Nadine

What is the role of a life coach?

The purpose of a life coach is to help clients attain personal or professional goals. Life coaches help clients become more self-aware and socially aware to achieve their objectives. Coaching provides guidance and help individuals optimize their potential and find greater fulfillment in life. Clients achieve objectives through discipline, goal setting, encouragement, and accountability.

Why Choose Nadine For Your Life Coach?

Nadine uses a Christ Centered approach to coaching. She is a trained counselling psychologist and former supervisor. She has a M. Ed degree and M.A in Counselling Psychology. Nadine’s education and training have provided her with the skills and knowledge to help you the client achieve your goal and live a successful life. She believes that God created everyone with a purpose and has provided the resources to fulfill same. Nadine is committed to helping her clients identify and utilize these resources in order to accomplish their divine purpose. She has worked with many people to overcome their fears, achieve clarity of purpose, and cultivate the drive to achieve their dreams. You can fulfill your destiny, it is not too late!

For further information, you may contact me here.

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