God Feels Your Pain And Wants To Help

Grace and peace be unto you. Are you struggling with a physical, spiritual, or mental health issue? Do you sometimes feel as if no one understands? Although your loved ones may get tired of hearing about your circumstances, God is always available to listen and talk with you. In some instances, he will heal youContinue reading “God Feels Your Pain And Wants To Help”

May God Grant You Good Success

Grace and peace be unto you. “The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you… (Numbers 6:25). I pray that God will grant you;Wisdom and courage to make the right decisions,Love to be gracious to everyone you meet,Faith to believe his Word completely.Discipline to obey his Word and rise aboveContinue reading “May God Grant You Good Success”

The Message

Grace and peace be unto you. Word of Encouragement… The Lord is making you into His instrument of praise. You do not understand your circumstances, Trust Him, He knows what He is doing. There is purpose to your valleys and pits, You will develop a Christlike Image and be His instrument of praise.   PsalmContinue reading “The Message”