Who Can Stop God’s Hand?

Grace and peace be unto you.

The story is told that Jeremiah prophesied that the Jews would spend 70 years in captivity in Babylon before returning to Jerusalem (Jeremiah 29:10). Hence, in the seventieth year, God spoke to Cyrus, King of Persia who had captured Babylon. He appointed him to build a temple in Jerusalem and moved his heart to encourage the Jews to return to Jerusalem and build it.

King Cyrus gave them all the silver and gold items that Nebuchadnezzar had taken from Jerusalem and place in the temple of his god. He also instructed the people in areas where the Jews lived to provide them with silver, gold, goods and livestock, freewill offerings, among other things. Consequently, the family heads of Benjamin and Judah, priests and Levites, and others inspired by God took up the offer. Their neighbors gave them items according to the King’s instructions (Ezra 1).

It is amazing to see how God kept his promise to his children. He spoke to the person, Cyrus, who had the authority to make his plan come to fruition. Although Cyrus was a pagan, he heard and obeyed God. Interestingly, God used a pagan to fulfil his plan. Scripture says, “The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has spoken, who can change his plans? When his hand is raised, who can stop him?” (Isaiah 14:27).

God has a time to fulfil all the promises he made to you. At that time, he will motivate believers or unbelievers to give you the resources you need. God could have inspired King Cyrus to send a team to build the temple, and then allowed the Jews to return. But instead, he gave the Jews the resources to do the job. Likewise, he will give you the resources to fulfill his promise. In the interim, he is asking you to enjoy your blessings, pray without ceasing, and praise him continually. Scripture says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).

Heavenly Father, we praise you for your great wisdom and power. In Jesus’ name, amen.          

Published by Nadine

I am a disciple of Christ and He is the center of my joy. I was created to accomplish his purpose. I am a writer and author of five books; 1. The 9 Unhealthy Desires of the Mind: How to defeat the enemy and fulfill your purpose, 2. The Heart of God: Follow His Plan, 3. Keep Moving Forward: Empowered by God's Love, 4. From God's Heart To Yours, 5. More Than Conqueror. Grace and peace be unto you.

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