Delight In The Lord And Your Desires Will Be Fulfilled

The story is told that King David sinned against the Lord. He committed adultery with Bathsheba, got her pregnant, murdered her husband Uriah, and did not repent until one year later when he was confronted by the prophet Nathan. Nathan told him that the Lord was angry with his conduct and would take his baby’s life as one of the consequences of his actions (2 Samuel 11-12).    

God does not change, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6). He is gracious, merciful, loving, all-powerful, and forgiving. He disciplines those who are disobedient and rewards those who are obedient. David was familiar with these attributes and decided to appeal to God’s grace, love, and mercy. And so, he fasted and prayed for seven days asking God to save his child’s life, nonetheless, the baby died (2 Samuel 12:18). David’s repentant heart and seven days of fasting could not change God’s mind. The Bible says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). David’s desire was not granted because he did not delight himself in the Lord.

Contrary to King David, King Hezekiah delighted himself in the Lord and God gave him the desires of his heart. The Bible described Hezekiah as doing what was good, right, and faithful before the Lord his God (2 Chronicles 31:20). The prophet Isaiah recorded that King Hezekiah was ill and near death, and so the Lord sent him to inform Hezekiah that he was going to die. When Hezekiah received the message, he prayed, God answered his prayer and gave him fifteen more years to live (Isaiah 38:1-5). When we walk in obedience before God, repent of our sins, and pray according to God’s promises while being led by his Holy Spirit, we receive favorable results.

How do you delight yourself in the Lord? To delight in God is to love and serve him by obeying his commands (John 14:15). His commands give life, joy, freedom, hope, victory, courage, and guidance. When we delight ourselves in the Lord, we desire the things that please him. We acknowledge him in everything that we do and trust him with the results. Perhaps you have made your requests known to God, prayed, fasted, and have not seen the expected results. Then, it is time you ask yourself the question, “Do I desire the things of the Lord?” God promised to give you everything you ask for that is according to his will (John 14:13), therefore when you take delight in him, all your desires will be fulfilled.      

Published by Nadine

I am a disciple of Christ and He is the center of my joy. I was created to accomplish his purpose. I am a writer and author of five books; 1. The 9 Unhealthy Desires of the Mind: How to defeat the enemy and fulfill your purpose, 2. The Heart of God: Follow His Plan, 3. Keep Moving Forward: Empowered by God's Love, 4. From God's Heart To Yours, 5. More Than Conqueror. Grace and peace be unto you.

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