The Importance of Christian Fellowship

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Definition of Fellowship

Fellowship is defined as socializing with people who share common interests, for example, attending prayer meeting or your friend’s birthday party. However, the common belief in Christianity is that fellowship among believers is different from that among unbelievers and is named, Christian fellowship. Christian fellowship focuses on Jesus Christ, as such, when most believers meet, they oftentimes engage in activities that glorify Christ. These activities contribute to a renewed mind and Christlike Image.    

Fellowship with God

God set the standards for fellowship and implemented them when He created Adam and Eve. As a result, He met and communicated with them frequently. The interactions strengthened their relationship. After Adam and Eve sinned, they no longer fulfilled the criteria for meeting with God. Hence, they hid from Him when He visited them in the garden (Genesis 3:8). Sin interrupts our fellowship with God.

Jesus adhered to the standards during his earthly ministry. Thus, he fellowshipped with his Father, disciples, and other people (Luke 6:12, Matthew 26:17, John 2:1-11). Similarly, we are expected to fellowship with our Heavenly Father, brothers and sisters in Christ, and unbelievers.

How do we fellowship with God?

A few months ago, I was driving on the highway. As I passed rows of cane fields with the sugar cane leaves gently swaying in the wind, I started thinking about my thoughts and realized that I was worried about meeting a few upcoming deadlines. Therefore, I decided right there and then that I was going to praise God instead of worrying, and so I asked the Holy Spirit to help me achieve this goal. In the twinkling of an eye, my thoughts changed from worrying to praising God. We fellowship with God when we praise him, pray, study and obey His Word. He loves when we acknowledge his presence and enjoy his fellowship. On that account, the Holy Spirit is available to guide and encourage us. Do you have a difficulty fellowshipping with God? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you (John 14:26).

How do Christians fellowship?

The Bible says that:

1. Each person should have an encouraging word (1 Corinthians 14:26). This includes a hymn, scripture, or testimony of God’s goodness.

2. We should meet consistently, the apostle Paul says, “not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25).

3. We should do good to each other (Galatians 6:10).

Advantages of Christian Fellowship

1. The bond among believers is strengthened. Regular Christian fellowship builds trust, a sense of belonging, confidence, and increases love.        

2. Spiritual development is enhanced. Christian Fellowship encourages prayer, praise, studying and obeying God’s Word, which contribute to spiritual development.

3. Intimacy with Christ is increased. An enhanced spiritual development strengthens our relationship with Christ.

4. We are encouraged to continue in the faith. We face trials frequently, whether it is an illness, financial challenges, or work problem. Sometimes, our faith is strong and we can stand on God’s Word. Nonetheless, other times, we are discouraged and need encouragement to go through a particular day or week. In these low moments, fellowship with other believers provides the motivation that we need.


I invite you to do this 2 minutes reflection.

Find a quiet place, close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths. Open your eyes and answer the questions below.

1. How often do you fellowship with Christ, believers, unbelievers?

2. How can you increase your fellowship with God, believers, and unbelievers?

My prayer for you today is that your fellowship with God, believers, and unbelievers will increase.

Peace be unto you.  

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